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Indoor & Street Advertisement

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DISPLAY on Screens

PAY $99.99 BEFORE Jan 31st GET 60 DAYS ON AIR or PAY $589.99 BEFORE Jan 31st GET 12 months COVERED WHILE ON AIR

Get covered for next 60 days. Show in loop, every single day, a 3 minutes or less video Ads on digital screens in 20+ participant locations in Atlanta.

RENT backpack billboards

Take our devices for 24 hours.

You can perform it by your own. It is easy, efficient and cheaper ever. Remember that more than 10 other advertisement devices are available to rent. Call for more detail.

    Other items that you can rent:
  • 70 inches Trailer Screen
  • 80 inches Street Screen
  • Hoverboards
  • Tents and tables
  • Stands, tents, etc.

HIRE Ad walkers

Minimum: 4 hours

Reach actual clients not virtuals. We'll hand share your business cards, flyers, and/or any other of your materials.

Person to person advertisement is not outdated, and won't never be. On the contrary, it creates a real customer and merchant relationship and fidelity. Believe us, we have been doing that for years.

We will stand on street corner exposing your brand and service. We will spin around main entrances of Superstores, set tents up and advertise around. Call us today (before Promo ends on Jan 31st) to show on your open events. We can be out there 24/7, anywhere for you.